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Al Hasp, Orange County PI, hopes taking a case for a controversial televangelist will make partner Norm Carpenter reconsider his sudden conversion to born-again Christianity.

Neither an attack on nor a promotion of fundamentalist Christianity, Eye of God treats it neutrally, as any other milieu in which crime might occur and detection or counterespionage be necessary to restore order. Indeed, one of the characters calls it “the industry”; others speak of it as “show-biz” and “the circus.” It’s a refreshing look behind the scenes of one of America’s biggest businesses, in the enter-taining guise of a fairly-clued classical whodunit.

Author Jon L. Breen says, “My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were Presbyterian ministers. I am not an evangelical or ‘born-again’ Christian, and would never become one for reasons hinted at in Eye of God. But I believe evangelicals deserve to be treated as complete people, not as spotless paragons at one extreme or as deluded fools and charlatans at the other. I would like to think that the balanced treatment found in this book will make it entertaining and thought-provoking to a range of readers, whatever their religion or lack of it. It’s important to emphasize that this is neither a religious nor an anti-religious novel, but rather [one] in which religious characters [among others] appear, and religious issues, including controversial ones, are important to the plot.”

Jon L. Breen has won two Edgars, two Anthonys, a Macavity, an American Mystery Award, and an American Crime Writers League Award for his critical and nonfiction work. He has written nearly a hundred published short stories, seven novels, and several reference books; edited several anthologies; and written “more critical essays and book reviews than he can count.” A retired librarian and English professor, he lives in Fountain Valley, California, and continues to review for Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and Mystery Scene.

Eye of God
A Mystery

Jon L. Breen

ISBN 1-880284-89-0
216 pages, Original Trade Paperback, 13.95

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