Burford’s Short Stories Demonstrate the Drama of Life
on Earth—and in the Air

Readers who have followed the writing career of novelist and short story writer Miles Burford have a right to feel as if they know the man himself. It is no secret that Burford’s fiction owes a lot to his own true-life experiences over a long life lived with his eyes wide open. His fiction demonstrates an insatiable curiosity about what makes the human heart tick.

Miles Burford began writing fiction in the late 1990s, after he had retired from a career in aviation. His experiences in World War II, flying with the U.S. Army Air Corps and Army Air Forces formed the basis of his novels, Days of a Fledgling and Fledgling No More. Flying also figured significantly in his first two collections of short stories, If You Stretch Far Enough You Can See the Bay and Flying Lessons. Many of the stories in those two books dealt with flying for the military, but others concerned commercial aviation, which Burford also knows from the inside, having flown for American Airlines for twenty-seven years.

Burford’s newest collection is no exception. These stories, although not strictly autobiographical, tell of the author’s life with the truth that only well-crafted fiction can reveal. From a young boy learning about heroes and death by watching an early auto race at the Indianapolis 500 to an old retired pilot sharing what is probably his last dangerous adventure in the sky with his young grandchildren, these stories are built of excitement and heroism.

There has of course been more to Miles Burford’s life than flying airplanes, and there is more to these stories than aviation. Other tales, based on the experiences of people Burford has known well, explore sexual self-knowledge; disappointment, failure and suicide; and the eye-opening meeting of cultures experienced in Hawaii.

Miles Burford, who now lives and writes in Scottsdale, Arizona, no longer pilots airplanes. But his stories lift off the ground and take us for a heady ride.

Dark Mountain
And Other Stories

Miles Burford
ISBN 1-56474-432-9
320 pages, paperback, $14.00
Publication Date: January 2003

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