Burke's stories focus on the search for home,
as experienced by gay men.

Thomas Burke's debut short fiction collection explores where and how people find home, or fail to find home, or reclaim a lost sense of home. Geography, both physical and emotional, is a thread running through the collection. The central characters of the stories in Where Is Home are mostly gay men, another unifying thread in a book with such geographical diversity.

Many of the stories examine the dissonance created in the post-colonial diaspora, for both the colonized and the colonizers. Characters in these stories may live on one continent and yet have profound attachments to one or even two other continents. Where is home for these people?

In some of the stories, home resides in relationships. Characters often must deal with the issue of "homelessness" when relationships change or end.

It is a changing world, in which people move from place to place and relationship to relationship, sometimes not as a matter of choice. It is no wonder, then, that "home" is a tenuous comfort, and one to be treasured and protected. When we learn the answer to the question "Where Is Home?" we have found something to celebrate. And of course everyone's answer to that question will be different.

Thomas Burke is Professor of Humanities at Dominican University of California. He earned an MFA in Writing at the University of San Francisco, and now lives and writes in San Francisco. His stories have been published in a number of literary magazines, including The James, White Review, and Chiron Review. Where Is Home is his first book.

Where Is Home
Thomas Burke
ISBN 1-56474-443-4
96 pages, paperback, $12.00

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