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Roxanne Prescott is Back

Homicide Detective Roxanne Prescott explores the world of adoption when a compulsive collector/adoption guru is bludgeoned to death in his lavish Rancho Santa Fe mansion.

Roxanne is back from a sabbatical in her aunt’s travel business, during which she led a tour of the Civil War South that she called “Guns and Roses” (detailed in the book of the same name)—and her skills from police days in Austin, Texas were called for more than once on the trip. Now a new detective in the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, she’s part of the team investigating the mysterious murder of the beloved Sam Brennan. The founder and head of Adoption Central, Sam spent his working life creating families and his spare time collecting the toys that represented the love he hadn’t received in his deprived childhood. Who could have wanted to hurt the man who did such wonderful things for so many grateful people? Roxanne must wrestle the shadow of her own past tragedy still hanging over her, along with rookie nerves and a killer determined to hide a different past.

Taffy Cannon is the author of the earlier Roxanne Prescott mystery, Guns and Roses, which was nominated for Best Novel in the Agatha and Macavity Awards. Other books by Cannon were short-listed for the LCC Otter and San Diego Book Awards. She has written both series (under her own name and writing as Emily Toll) and stand-alone mysteries, and an Academy Award-nominated short film. Blood Matters is her fourteenth published novel, and she lives in a Southern California beach town.

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Blood Matters
A Roxanne Prescott Mystery
Taffy Cannon
ISBN 978-1-880284-86-5, paperback, $14.95

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