The Importance of Being Ernie, or
A Guy By Any Other Name is Still a Guy

“Funny, whimsical, satirical: Ernie Witham is a very entertaining writer. Read him if you can. If not, get someone to read him to you.”
—Ian Bernard, Producer, Writer, Composer, Laugh-In

“Ernie Witham has a way of discovering humor in places we often forget to look. Great fun for readers seeking a uniquely colorful view of their world.”
—Bob Ingraham, Publisher,

“Ernie Witham is one of the funniest humor columnists I have read in a really long time.”
—Deb DiSandro, Syndicated humor columnist of “Slightly Off”

“Columnist Ernie Witham has, without doubt, written the funniest column that has ever appeared in the Montecito Journal. His ‘Christmas Letter’ brought tears of laughter to the eyes of most of my staff. The one exception was rival humor columnist, Jim Alexander, who swore his tearing was caused by ‘a heavy pollen day.’” —Jim Buckley, Editor/Publisher, the Montecito Journal

Ernie Witham is the epitome of the every guy. He’s married with children. He likes sports—often better than they like him. He tackles home repair much like a skinny third-stringer tackles the all-star fullback. In essence, he does not so much attack life as he survives it through naivete, chutzpah, and the male-inherited unwillingness to admit he may not be qualified to fix the washing machine or teach the kids how to ski.

These forty-eight humorous pieces will be enjoyed by men and women, young and old, because they’re based on the funniest premise of all—truth. From messing up at parent-teacher night, to showing up empty-handed at the company potluck, to revealing the heard-learned rules of survival at a local health club, life in Ernie’s World is hilarious and real, and reminds us that we all need to laugh at ourselves once in a while.

Ernie Witham’s humorous pieces have appeared in the Los Angeles Times and the Santa Barbara News-Press. “Ernie’s World,” the column, appears in the Montecito Journal and is syndicated by Senior Wire News Services to publications across the nation. Ernie Witham is a contributing writer to a dozen anthologies, including Chicken Soup for the Golfers, -Baseball Fan’s, -Sport Fan’s, -Father’s Soul. He lives with his family in Santa Barbara, California.

Ernie’s World
The Book (based on Ernie’s World, the Column)

Ernie Witham
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