Praise for Jeannette Ferrary’s Earlier Books

About M. F. K. Fisher and Me
“Ferrary writes with warmth, admiration, and exasperated fondness about her formidable subject, and she provides an honest but appreciative portrait of this fascinating author/ gastronome/food writer extraordinary.”
Library Journal

“It’s not easy to cook light and have it taste right. Nor is it easy to write light and turn out a worthwhile book. But Jeannette Ferrary, a fine-food writer, has done it with this volume that so charmingly and adroitly describes her long friendship with M. F. K. Fisher.”
Christian Science Monitor

“Cleverly written and often quite revealing, M. F. K. Fisher and Me engages us, as intimately yet as randomly as possible, with the intelligence, sensuality, and wide-ranging curiosity of one of the most revered American writers of our time.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“This is a personal, insightful look into the private life of M. f. K. Fisher and it helps us to better understand and appreciate this extraordinary woman. Ms. Ferrary’s portrait is painted with delicacy, gentleness, and elegance.”
—Jacques Pepin

“Jeannette Ferrary give us Mary Francis like fine wine—with style and lasting elegance.”
—Robert Mondavi

About Season to Taste
“Jeannette Ferrary and Louise Fiszer have produced a much needed, up-to-date reference and recipe book on the history of herbs and spices. They have done a splendid job.”
—Marion Cunningham, author of The Fanny Farmer Cookbook

Season to Taste has all the best qualities and information of an herbal and of a cookbook combined. At last, real food with a contemporary sensibility about herbs.”
—Jeremiah Tower, chef

About Jewish Holiday Feasts
“All the traditional foods are represented, but often with a new approach that makes them fit into the leaner, healthier eating style of the ‘90s.”
San Francisco Chronicle (Best Books of 1995)

About Sweet Onions and Sour Cherries
“Ferrary and Fiszer have done it again! With their new book they are sharing with us their delightful recipes from the cornucopia of vegetables that are now available. You can be sure I will be carrying their book with me on market day.”
—Ken Hom, author of The Taste of China

About A Good Day for Soup
“Ferrary and Fiszer newest book is a humdinger. It’s a book you’ll use season to season. These 200 terrific soup recipes span every occasion for soup and give both the novice and experienced cook alike delicious pleasure.”
—Dolores Kostenini, syndicated columnist “The Happy Cook”

Out of the Kitchen
Adventures of a Food Writer

Jeannette Ferrary
ISBN 1-880284-78-2
240 pages, paperback, $15.00

Publication Date: October 2004

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