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“Lively, likable Katy and a colorful array of suspects
add up to some breezy, nostalgic fun.”
Kirkus Reviews

Musician Katy Green’s newest musical escapade turns into a fugue of mayhem, madness, and death when she agrees to help a friend hunt for the rare and valuable autograph manuscript of a Paganini string quartet with guitar that has inexplicably vanished from a classical music conservatory. What Katy first thinks will be the easy pursuit of a petty thief swiftly turns into a deadly nightmare of greed, jealousy, and zealotry, and a fight for her very life.

Hal Glatzer’s previous book (and award-winning audio-play), Too Dead To Swing, shows his expertise in popular music and railroad travel in pre-World War II California. A Fugue in Hell’s Kitchen deals with rare manuscript theft and forgery, crooked land developers, and the gangs of New York. Classically trained and once employed as a music conservatory librarian, Glatzer has the ideal background to write this book. His knowledge of life and literature in 1939 comes from longtime interest in the period, plus his directorship in the Art Deco Society. And Glatzer and his wife divide their time between San Francisco and the Hell’s Kitchen area in New York City, so he knows the ground well. Some of his characters predict a future for Hell’s Kitchen as a venue for the musical and performing arts. They are inaccurate by 20 years and 20 blocks, but they see it coming: the book’s wheeling-and-dealing in land development anticipates the future Lincoln Center.

Hal Glatzer has been a journalist and novelist for more than 30 years. He is the author of several innovative mysteries, including the current Katy Green series. Glatzer plays swing guitar and composed three songs for the award-winning audio-play of the first Katy Green mystery, Too Dead To Swing. Glatzer and his wife are Art Deco enthusiasts and frequent travelers, with homes in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco and the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan.

Visit Hal Glatzer's website, which features a distinguished list of classical music mysteries, among other attractions.

A Fugue in Hell's Kitchen
A Katy Green Mystery
Hal Glatzer
ISBN 1-880284-70-7, paperback, $13.95

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