A new anthology collects and presents wisdom to inspire us all

In her collections of poetry, Erline D. Goodell has used her own words and thoughts to explore the spiritual side of the human mind and heart. In her new book, she offers the words and wisdom of mystics and spiritual teachers whose writings have inspired her along her path.

Mystics Touch the Soul is an anthology of inspirational, esoteric quotations written by mystics throughout the ages. Goodell's introduction gives the reader a brief overview of what can be found within the verses and passages quoted. Without extensive academic descriptions, she presents the basic visions of some of the world's religious and spiritual belief systems, including the Tao, the Kabbalah, Sufism, and Catholic mysticism.

The quotations in this small book of inspiration are sorted into seven categories, which are titled “Love,” “Dark Night of the Soul, “Be Still,” “Mystical Experiences,” “Know Thyself,” “Breakthrough,” and “Oneness of the Universe.” Within each section are thirteen quotes by mystics from different times and different spiritual paths. This variety allows the reader to compare how similar mystical experiences were felt by mystics from all over the world and throughout history, ranging from Taoist Lao-tzu to Neoplatonist Plotinus; from the Sufi Jaladdin Rumi to the more modern psychologist Carl Jung to Catholic mystic Thomas Merton.

It is inspiring to discover, reading these thoughtfully selected passages, the similarities among the mystics from across the ages and religious traditions. Even more thrilling is to discover the similarities between the epiphanies of these wise thinkers and what we have felt ourselves. Reading the words of mystics from the past can guide us in our search for spiritual truth.

Erline D. Goodell is a retired teacher of adult education for Santa Barbara City College, where she taught Religious Studies and Women's Studies. She is cofounder and past director of MidLife Zest, Inc., and facilitator of workshops in women's spirituality. She is the author of Journey Toward Bold, Gossamer Ribbons, Seeking Substance, and Explorations.

Mystics Touch the Soul
Inspirational Quotations
by Erline Dessie Goodell
ISBN 978-1-56474-534-7
80 pages, paperback, $14.00

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