“The poet’s craft is sure—and because she has truths to tell
the poems rise above the merely confessional and into the rare:
a place where body and mind, however challenged, meet in Art.”
—Todd Swift, author of Seaway: New and Selected Poems

Suzanne Richardson Harvey’s career as a poet spans decades. Her poems have appeared in dozens of distinguished print and on-line journals on three continents (mostly United States publications, but also journals in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia). She has earned high praise from her peers and colleagues.

More important than Harvey’s numerous publication credits or the favorable reviews her poems have earned are the poems themselves, which reveal a mature and confident writer at work. She is a master of her craft, an imagist who spins words in a surprising, challenging, intelligent way. She writes bravely of love, marriage, family, and motherhood (and mother-in-lawhood); of art and nature; of war and peace; and of the dangerous territory where imagination can lead us. She presents a full gamut of emotions, from turmoil to serenity, from anger to acceptance.

Now Suzanne Richardson Harvey’s poems have been gathered for a comprehensive collection, A Tiara for the Twentieth Century.  The book is divided into six sections that are grouped thematically. For example “The Lunar Cycle” contains poems about the lifelong experience of womanhood, the poems in “Marching to a New Drummer” concern the writer’s art and passion, “Dancing with Death” revolves around the dangers of aging, and in “Learning to Play in the Symphony” the selection brings different themes together with a sense of progress toward acceptance and celebration. These are poems to read with pleasure and a sense of discovery, and to reread for even greater reward.

Suzanne Richardson Harvey
holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Mount Mercy College, a Master’s Degree from Northeastern University, and a Doctorate from Tufts University. She has taught in the English Departments at Tufts, Stanford University, and the University of California at Berkeley. She is a member of the Academy of American Poets and a former member of the National Council of Teachers of English. Now retired from academic life (but not from writing), she lives with her husband in Alamo, California.

Praise for A Tiara for the Twentieth Century

“Acerbic, erudite, heartfelt, stylish and witty, the poems in this impressive late career collection confirm Suzanne R. Harvey as an American poet we should all be reading. Her intelligent way of fusing formal control and emotional candour allows this poet to make poems that startle, move, and amuse, with their brilliant clarity of vision.”
—Todd Swift, author of Seaway: New and Selected Poems and editor of Nthposition (UK)

“The cadence of Harvey’s poetry carries her work toward accessible events in everyday life, as well as to the realms of mythic history and literary allusion. As each poem is absorbed we become woven into the threads and are taken to ancient places that are exotic yet modern and just next door.”
—David Fraser, editor, Ascent Aspirations Magazine (Canada)

“There is a depth of reflection and an honesty of emotion in Harvey’s work that draws the reader in and repays the attention given. Her control of mood and precision of vocabulary are remarkable.”
 —Graham Nunn, editor, SpeedPoets Magazine (Australia)

“Suzanne R. Harvey’s poems speak with both honest experience and a profound sadness that resonates through each verse. They are a gift to the poetry world.”
—Karina Bowman, editor, Thick With Conviction (USA)

“Suzanne R. Harvey…exhibits a great grasp of imagery, movement and that finished, professional tone that is so hard to achieve. Particularly well-written. I will certainly read more of her work.”
—F. James Hartnell, editor, Current Accounts (UK)


A Tiara for the Twentieth Century
The Collected Poems
Suzanne Richardson Harvey
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