Fleeing from the here and now, in search of Home

Occasionally we must struggle to escape the tyranny of the past, even if it means facing the past directly, on its own turf—or, its own surf, as the case may be. Home, the second in Francis Hertzog’s series of fantasy adventures involving the Horstmann family, is a novel of courage and hope in the face of tough odds at sea.

Like many families, the Horstmanns have a rotten apple in their family tree, the vile pirate Francis McCabe, who terrorized the seas up and down the Pacific coast of the new world centuries ago. We first met McCabe in Closer to My Home, in which Wyatt Horstmann and his family barely escaped their ancestor’s clutches. Now, in Home, the ghost of McCabe has returned, this time in the form of a malicious bear shaman who nearly destroys young Matt Horstmann’s girlfriend, Lisa Werleman.

The time has come to flee and face the enemy. To go out of the present and encounter the past. To leave home, in order to find Home. The Horstmanns and Lisa and her mother, Gwen, set sail in a sloop and head south to explore McCabe’s old haunts along the California coast.

Meanwhile, another voyager sets out alone in a dugout canoe from the coast of British Columbia, a man determined to survive the worst in order to find his own way home. The parallel journeys are fraught with fantastic dangers and the dark forces of the sea—killer whales, enemy pirates, sea monsters, and foul weather. And there’s no sense trying to determine their bearings from the shore, because both craft are now sailing beside a land unknown to modern man.

Finally, thanks to faith in providence and faith in one another, the missing pieces fall into place, as the final battle unfolds. Marooned in space-time, the crew contemplates their new world, and their new lives together.

Francis Hertzog is a retired physician and an instructor in health occupations at Allan Hancock College. He lives in Nipomo, California, with his wife and three children.

A Novel
by Francis Hertzog

176 pages, paperback, $14.00
ISBN 1-56474-444-2

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