“An intriguing novel about a great river.” —Jimmy Carter

Dee Hubbard’s debut novel celebrates a man’s devotion to a river.

Charlie “the Hawk,” has many prides. Pride in his accomplishments, his family, his Native American Heritage, and a slowly maturing pride in his natural surroundings...the Klamath River country of northern California.

Pride of accomplishment can also have a dangerous downside. As a young man, Charlie hauls logs in a truck his wife Doreen christens “Charlie’s Pride.” Determined to be the best, he races to deliver three loads a day, a risky feat that backfires with a near-fatal crash into the river. In a second driving accident, a friend is killed and another maimed for life. Shame overwhelms him, and guilt-ridden, Charlie flees the river to a clandestine existence working for marijuana growers deep in the Klamath forests.

In middle age, Charlie struggles to earn a living guiding Steelhead fishermen in a drift boat also christened “Charlie’s Pride.” In a boating accident the river again spares his life. He ponders why the river forgives his mistakes but denies him a decent catch. “It’syourlifefortheriver’slife,”Doreentellshim.

Charlie knows other emotions: the depths of fear and sorrow, the heights of joy, and most of all, love. Doreen is practical and grounds Charlie, but she is also playful, and their love scenes on the banks of the river are one of this novel’s many sensual delights.

Charlie is a hero to cheer for. We see him make costly mistakes and poor career choices. We see this strong man grow older and weaker. Then, he atones for his contributions to the desecration of the wilderness he loves, as he destroys pot farms and helps drive the growers from the lands of his ancestors. By the end of the story we see this “Last Mohican” back on the river, his love intact and his pride restored.
Dee Hubbard worked as a Denver CPA and was also a Director or Trustee for twelve organizations, including the Nature Conservancy in Colorado. He now lives and writes in Steamboat Springs. His other passions include hiking forest trails and climbing high mountains with his wife and muse, artist Bonnie McGee, and fishing with their golden retriever, Skye. His writing has been recognized in local, regional, national and international literary competitions, and his first book, Slim to None: A Journey through the Wasteland of Anorexia Treatment, became a Denver Post best seller and a Colorado Book of the Year nominee.

Charlie's Pride
A Novel
Dee Hubbard
192 pages, paperback, $15.95
Publication date: April 7, 2015

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