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Art imitates life when Grace Hollister returns to the English Lake District
with an indie film company to turn her scholarly writings
about the Romantic poets into a cable adventure movie.

The Poetic Death mystery series combines adventure, mystery, humor, and romance with the passion for literature shared by protagonist Grace Hollister and author Diana Killian. The Bad Boys of Romantic poetry are Grace’s specialty, and in the first mystery, High Rhymes and Misdemeanors, she was involved in a hunt for a lost work by Lord Byron (not to mention yet another illegitimate child). She was overtaken by kidnapping, murder, and a budding romance with an ex-jewel thief turned antiques dealer. Now Hollywood wants to film the book Grace wrote about her adventures—on location in the Lake District. After six months at home with her family in California, why wouldn’t she want to return to Innisdale, and to Peter Fox, proprietor of Rogue’s Gallery Antiques? But after filming begins and one of the cast is murdered, it’s a toss-up whether the movie people or Grace’s own bad boy are more dangerous to know.

Like her protagonist, Diana Killian is a former high school teacher. She is the author of three previous Poetic Death mysteries: High Rhymes and Misdemeanors, Verse of the Vampyre, and Sonnet of the Sphinx, as well as the new Mantra for Murder series. She sings with The Browne Sisters, a Celtic folk group, and lives in Southern California with her husband, Kevin Burton Smith, founder/editor of The Thrilling Detective website

Docketful of Poesy—A Poetic Death Mystery
Diana Killian
ISBN 1-880284-97-1
240 pages, Trade Paperback Original, $14.95

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