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“Murder and kidnapping drive the action to a heart-slamming conclusion.”
Publishers Weekly (February 9, 2009)

Settling into a new, solitary life in remote Northern California, recently widowed Rosemary Mendes finds herself caught, perhaps obsessed, by the fate of another newcomer, a mysterious young woman shot dead in what appears to be a hunting accident.

After a nine-book award-nominated mystery series set on California’s north coast, Run a Crooked Mile is a departure for author Janet LaPierre. The novel features a completely new cast of characters, and it is set in and near Weaverville in the Trinity Alps, 100 miles inland. LaPierre says, “I live in Northern California, and tend to wander around in it, particularly its smaller and more distant places, and just. . . lurk. Watch the people wherever I’m staying, the things that happen, the conversations. I read the local newspaper, visit the library, shop in the stores, eat in the restaurants and chat with the waitresses. I am quiet and ordinary-looking, a great benefit for a lurker. My stories seem to start from place, and then deal with events that might happen, and how they would be dealt with by the people there.”

Janet LaPierre lives in Berkeley, California with her husband and dog, and they often wander together along state highways in a travel trailer. According to her parents, she learned to read at age four from highway signs. Since then she’s never been without a book in her hand, except when writing one of the nine novels in the Port Silva series. She has received nominations for the Anthony, Macavity, and Shamus mystery awards.

Run a Crooked Mile—A Mystery Novel
Janet LaPierre
ISBN 978-1-880284-88-9, 1-880284-88-X
240 pages, Trade Paperback Original, $14.95

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