Linda Levitz’s new collection of poems, Directions to My House, is a metaphorical road, one that leads to self-discovery. We don’t only learn how to arrive at her home, but we are led to the poet herself.

Levitz’s poetry delves into her childhood: memories from the natural world, from her travels, from her dreams. The title comes from a dreamlike poem in which actual directions are given to a friend. Those directions then change into a dream journey; time is expanded and obstacles are created along the way. To find Linda Levitz is to find her at the end of that road.

With memory come the many moods of early life, both haunting and enchanting. There are also the quiet moments that come with recollection. Memories of oilcloth, bread and cakes, chalking endless games of hopscotch, her brother as the star in her mother’s life, the family story of how her parents met—all come alive in these poems.

Water invokes an eerie mystery in Directions to My House. Early attempts to dive, the sensuous water man, and a raccoon searching for her young after a storm are some of the stories Levitz uses to demonstrate the sensuality and restorative quality of water.

There are a number of fantasy poems in Directions to My House and some about dreams. The collection ends on a hopeful note, with a section on the natural world and images of gathering flowers, humid summers, women grinding corn—the poet yearning for and learning about harmony in this busy world.

Linda Levitz
lives and writes in Ardsley, New York, where she also works in the special education department of the local elementary school. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals, and she is the author of two other collections of poetry.

Directions to My House

by Linda R. Levitz

ISBN 1-56474-419-1
72 pages, paperback, $12.00

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