A quiet community is torn apart by sudden death and
dysfunctional local politics.

Everyone in Los Lobos loved Connie Mercado, daughter of a prominent family in the California Central Coast community. Everyone, that is, except whoever pushed her off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean. Who would do such a thing—murder most foul—ruining an otherwise perfect June morning?

“Foul” is the word for it, that’s obvious to obituary writer Bella Rogers Kowalski. Bella’s already up to her waist in waste-disposal issues, and she knows Connie’s murder was connected to the raging local controversy over how the Mercado estate should be used—for a Land Conservancy Nature Center, or for a Coast Region Utilities District (CRUD) wastewater treatment plant.

Money is involved. Nature is at risk. A family is torn apart by secrets and greed. And another murder happens. Los Lobos is in big trouble, and Bella finds herself once again at the center of a storm she didn’t create.

Bella Kowalski is a former nun, small of stature but tall of spirit, and grittier than her former profession would lead one to expect. She lives with her husband, Mike, a former Chicago cop, and Sam, their Golden Lab. As the wastewater of the town scandal comes to a boil, Connie’s unsavory “evil twin” brothers, Rik and Raymond, thicken the plot, as does an uncle with his acquisitive wife, Lana, a troubled blonde with a secret past.

Murder in Los Lobos presents a situation familiar in today’s world, one that echoes the headlines of small towns and big cities. A shortsighted decision made by local government has long-term consequences, affects real lives, and can easily lead to violence. This is a book about greed, family strife, and community politics.

It’s also a page-turner with a spunky sleuth to cheer for.

Sue McGinty
, a former technical writer, lives in the California coastal community of Los Osos in a home filled with shelves of mysteries and several feline friends. Her short fiction has been featured in three Central Coast Mystery Writer anthologies. Murder in Los Lobos is her first mystery novel.

Murder in Los Lobos
A Mystery on California's Central Coast
by Sue McGinty
ISBN 978-156474-477-9 ISBN 1-56474-477-7
216 pages, paperback, $14.95

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