If I Should Be Felled, Jack Moser's new collection of poems, forms the autobiography of a soul-searching man.

Jack Moser, the man, has had his share of emotional experiences, ranging from the anguish of concern for his disabled son to the late-night comfort he receives like a gift from his calico cat. Large or small, these emotional twinges and jolts are what have made Jack Moser who he is. “For my entire life, I have searched for a loving God,” he explains, “and in the past ten years I have found it living inside of me. I want to celebrate that. I am totally filled with gratitude for all the moments in my life.”

And, he writes,

I feel a lot better
knowing that God checks in
every once in a while,
so as to keep things running smoothly

Jack Moser, the poet, gives credit to his Irish heritage, to his children and grandchildren, to the women in his life, to the experience of wars (he was raised during World War II, and saw a different side of war during Vietnam), and to the clients he has counseled about their own life journeys.

Out of all this experience he has developed a whimsical cosmology: he envisions God looking down through a hole in the clouds, appreciates that angels look out for us, and notes that even Superman has his bad days. This is a poet who knows how to laugh out loud, and he also knows how to cry without shame. The emotions in his poems range from pain to joy, from faith to despair. And they're for real.

Jack Moser deals honestly, even humorously, with the human condition and the issues of aging and death. Most significant of all, he is an honest and caring poet, and his work speaks to all of us lucky enough to be caught in the human condition.

Jack Moser grew up in Brooklyn, and then entered the Navy in 1958. He experienced war in Vietnam, and as a Naval Intelligence officer he followed the Soviet submarine force. While in the Navy, he worked with the CIA, helping to place agents in China and Russia. In the 1970s he switched careers. After receiving his doctorate in psychology from Florida State University, he became a counselor and psychotherapist, a profession he continues to practice. He is the author of The Male Journey, We Have Forgotten How to Make Fire, Men in Therapy, and The Murmur of a Gentle Breeze. He lives, works, and writes in Pensacola, Florida.


If I Should Be Felled
Jack Moser
112 pages, paperback, $14.00

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