Jack Moser’s new collection of poems is a generous serving

To read the poems of psychotherapist Jack Moser is to get to know this man in close detail: his joys and his sorrows; his anger and his forgiving; his puzzled relationship with a God he trusts but doesn’t always understand; his deep respect for the wisdom of cats; his unconditional love for his children and grandchildren and especially for his special-needs “son from hell,” and his playful, powerful devotion to the “Rose of his life.”

Jack Moser is a humble man who learns from his patients. He is proudly loyal to his Irish
roots, and he will never forget his Brooklyn boyhood or his gut-wrenching experience of war in Viet Nam.

This is a poet who tells what he is feeling. Never has he been so open and generous with his thoughts as he is now, in I Love You to the Moon, his third poetry collection from Fithian Press. The book is divided into six parts, titled “Smiles,” “Kittens and Cats,” “Of Love Returning,” “To Live and Die For,” “The Journey,” and “Always Irish.”

Whimsical, bittersweet, perplexed, or grateful, all Moser’s poems deliver a message. The news is sometimes troublesome, sometimes sad, but all-told a life-affirming celebration of love, with the message stated in the epigraph: “The great news for human kind is the knowledge that God saves every one of us.”

Jack Moser grew up in Brooklyn, and then entered the Navy in 1958. He experienced war in Vietnam, and as a Naval Intelligence officer he followed the Soviet submarine force. While in the Navy, he worked with the CIA, helping to place agents in China and Russia. In the 1970s he switched careers. After receiving his doctorate in psychology from Florida State University, he became a counselor and psychotherapist, a profession he continues to practice. He is the author of The Male Journey, We Have Forgotten How to Make Fire, Men in Therapy, and The Murmur of a Gentle Breeze and If I Should Be Felled. He lives, works, and writes in Pensacola, Florida.


I Love You to the Moon
Jack Moser
112 pages, paperback, $14.00

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