Is Social Justice God's Department
Or is it a human responsibility?

Dr. Jack Moser is a counselor. Compassion is his job. He tries to mend the breach between people when love seems lost. He has learned that to give help a counselor (or anyone, for that matter) must practice the art of listening. So he listens, and he feels the sorrow of his clients, and the fear and anger and doubt. Jack feels he must give these hurting clients hope. He wants to assure them they can trust in God.

That’s where the problem lies. Jack Moser knows he must trust God, but that’s not so easy for him when he considers the mess the world is in. Is God being negligent? Many of Jack’s poems challenge God to put an end to the atrocities of war and social injustice. He acknowledges that human beings are at fault, but couldn’t God keep better control? Does God even exist?

While Jack Moser challenges the awesome Father God, he also finds comfort and hope in God’s other personae, Jesus the teacher and Shekhina, the feminine “indwelling God.” Shekhina gives us the gift of love. Jack writes poems of love for his special-needs son Bryan, for his departed Father and his other son who died so young, for his sister with Alzheimer’s, for his cats, and for his clients. Jesus sets a fine example of how mankind should behave, and the question arises, “What would Jesus do?” The trouble is that we’re not up to the task of caring for the sick, the poor, the victims. We don’t seem to want to stand up and act for social justice. That’s what Jesus would do, and it’s a tall order.

Full of social concerns, Moser’s new poetry collection is his most openly political book to date, daring to side with the economically disadvantaged, and challenging the selfishness of the wealthy few. But Jack cannot hide his delight in life, in love, and in nature. Nor does he abandon his irrepressible Irish humor. This book, thought-provoking as it is, will warm your heart.

Jack Moser grew up in Brooklyn, and then entered the Navy in 1958. He experienced war in Vietnam, and as a Naval Intelligence officer he followed the Soviet submarine force. While in the Navy, he worked with the CIA, helping to place agents in China and Russia. In the 1970s he switched careers. After receiving his doctorate in psychology from Florida State University, he became a counselor and psychotherapist, a profession he continues to practice. He is the author of The Male Journey, We Have Forgotten How to Make Fire, Men in Therapy, and and five previous Fithian Press poetry collections. He lives in Pensacola, Florida.


Who Cares? I Do.

Jack Moser
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