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“Salome, a combination guru and New Age pragmatist, charms.”
Kirkus Reviews (2/15/05)

In Evil Intentions a shocking and questionable “suicide” linked to white slavery and to members of an elite Washington D.C. family embroils Feng Shui practitioner Salome Waterhouse in an investigation that threatens everyone involved.

In this fourth mystery in the series, practitioner Salome Waterhouse uses the principles of Feng Shui to track down a vicious underworld organization. After many years of study and practice, she believes that this ancient Chinese art and science can be a viable tool in criminal investigations. Having identified the mastermind behind arson, murder, and white slavery, Salome does not wish retribution and revenge, only that the perpetrator be found and delivered into the hands of the proper authorities. She knows that his evil intentions will reap their karmic reward—but she must survive more than one close call before justice is done. The book includes practical Feng Shui tips for the reader’s room, home--and even the car!

Like her protagonist, Denise Osborne is a practitioner who presents Feng Shui principles to various groups. She also owns Wind and Water House, a studio dedicated to Feng Shui-designed products. Osborne has written award-winning screenplays, articles, and the Queenie Davilov mystery series, in addition to four books about Salome Waterhouse. She lives with her husband in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

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Evil Intentions
A Feng Shui Mystery
Denise Osborne

ISBN 1-880284-77-4, paperback, $13.95

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