A Poet’s Tribute to San Francisco

Dan Richman’s book of poems, Farming in San Francisco, is a love letter to a city from one who has lived in it long and hard, carved a life out of it, loved in it, lost in it, won in it, worked like hell in it, laughed and cried in it, walked a thousand miles in it, then thanked it for endless surprises and gifts of beauty, huge and small.

Loving this place for thirty years, though, isn’t easy. You have to embrace people—their houses, work, sex, death, food, peculiarities, places in the sun. Then concrete streets, power lines, trolley tracks, emotional trees, screaming parrot flocks, barking sea lions, bridges over the Bay, the infinite Pacific.

Richman reaches for all this and, of course, falls short, the mere mortal. Yet there’s a real place beating in his American English, a real sun, a real passage of time and faces, a real congregation of souls.

This book is a noble gesture toward one of the most beloved cities in the world.

Daniel Richman is a father, a builder, and a taker of long walks.

Farming in San Francisco

by Daniel Richman
96 pages, paperback, $12.00
ISBN 1-56474-354-3

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