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Writing Can Be Murder

When a best-selling author dies mysteriously, Bridget Montrose finds that two free weeks at a luxurious writers’ colony isn't as fantastic as it seems. Being an author can have more hazards than just falling off the best-seller list.

Another Fine Mess, which Kirkus Reviews calls “fast and upbeat,” reveals the world of writing and publishing, up-close and personal. Several of Lora Roberts’s continuing characters in her six Liz Sullivan mysteries (Murder in a Nice Neighborhood, Murder in the Marketplace, etc.) are writers. Liz herself has shown that the only way a freelance writer can afford to live in Palo Alto, California, is to inherit a house. Her friends Claudia Kaplan, a respected biographer, and Bridget Montrose, a first-time best-seller (or “list-virgin”), have appeared in every story, helping to solve murders and restore order.

Now Bridget, first seen in Revolting Development, takes the spotlight again. In between bouts of writer’s block, she takes a clear-eyed look at various types at the deluxe California coastal writers’ colony: authors of every sort of book from potboiler to literature, from the e-published to the perennial best-seller. The eccentric billionaire owner of the retreat, the jealous manager, surfers, and cops enliven the mix, with even Liz and Claudia dropping in for a visit. We learn about critique groups, journal-keeping, writing techniques, ghost-writing, book tours, advances, and the sins of publishers and agents. Would-be authors can pick up tips, and readers will be fascinated by the insider’s detail enlivening this classic closed-circle-of-suspects mystery, harking back to those of the Golden Age.

Lora Roberts lives with her family in Palo Alto, California, where her mysteries are set. She has worked as a reporter, PR writer, technical editor, and romance writer. She is the author of six mysteries in the Liz Sullivan series, most recently Murder Follows Money, and one previous Bridget Montrose mystery, Revolting Development.

Another Fine Mess
A Bridget Montrose Mystery
Lora Roberts

ISBN 1-880284-54-5, paperback, $13.95
Publication Date: October 2002

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