Love Like Snow
Two Decades of Snow Poems
by Natalie Safir

Love, like snow, is fragile or beautiful or fierce.

These poems are full of both weather and nature, especially human nature and the weather of the heart. Natalie Safir has an eye for white, now and then accented by black crows, a red house, a blue shadow, a yellow sled.…The natural world in her poems comes alive when it intersects with civilization (a street scene in Moscow, steel barges on the Hudson, a typewriter, schnapps by the fire) and with a range of human emotions from exhilaration and joy to loss and sorrow, with the awareness of the fragility of relationship. These poems, both moving and playful, filled with sensual imagery, welcome winter with a wise respect.

“Snow is general all over Ireland” wrote James Joyce in Dubliners and so, too, snow governs Natalie Safir’s sharply drawn yet subtle worlds of winter. Straight away a spell is cast as she follows the drift and swirls of river and roads, faces and streams of remembered storms in the Hudson Valley. December’s child, she shows an artist’s flair for unerring detail and brings the glitter and mystery of dreams to a landscape that holds a “long arc of the glossy crow,” the “moon open(ing) its slim jaw.” Meditative themes of sorrow and memory, tributes to her Russian ancestry pulse in spare and musical lines. I am grateful for the pleasures of this book. Full of beauty and disquietude, it glows with the work of an accomplished poet.
—Colette Inez

Natalie Safir's splendid poems are as pure and crystalline as the snowflakes they evoke. With consummate skill and the wisdom of experience, she parses the shapes of snow and of love, their similarities and their infinite variety. And like all snowflakes and all the many forms of love, each poem is unique and inspiring, a reminder of the world's beauty.
—Lynne Sharon Schwartz

I love these poems for their clarity of vision, precision of language, the almost voluptuous sensuality, and for the deep humor and wisdom residing everywhere, a humor that comes from living life wholly, every sense alert, and with an open heart. Natalie Safir's Love Like Snow is an astonishing book.
—Abigail Thomas

Natalie Safir’s poems have appeared in journals, college texts and ezines since 1982; she’s the author of 4 poetry collections, worked as editor, workshop leader/teacher in Westchester libraries, at Hudson Valley Writers’ and senior centers. She practices coaching/counseling, specializing in dreamwork therapy.

Love Like Snow
Two Decades of Snow Poems
Natalie Safir
ISBN 978-56474-507-1
48 pages, paperback, $10.00

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