Travel Abroad and At Home—
Essays About Tolerance and Diversity

Black and White and Red—Essays by Sonia P. Seherr-Thoss is a collection of essays that celebrate the experience of travel—all travel. It promotes a wide-eyed enthusiastic response to new and different places; it also promotes learning and appreciation of cultures that may be different from our own. Black and White and Red kindly, smartly, and elegantly reminds us of our responsibilities as neighbors and citizens on earth.

Armchair travel lets us explore new lands without ever setting foot on an airplane. With Black and White and Red in hand we readers learn a lot about China, South Africa, and the native peoples of the American South West. We also read about the seasons in a variety of places and different places with a variety of delights: their gardens, rocks and stones, villages, and schools, to name a few. Ms. Seherr-Thoss offers her reflections on the cultures she encounters, and she ponders the effects of time and politics and evolution on cultures and people and habitats.

Accompanied by an assortment of black-and-white photos, this collection of travel essays both entices and fulfills. Thoughtful and contemplative, Black and White and Red prods us to wonder—along with the author—about these civilizations and how they get along—or don’t—in the world.

Sonia P. Seherr-Thoss attended Columbia University, majoring in economics and sociology. Her varied career includes twenty years of farming and worldwide photography. She is a Paul Harris Fellow awarded for community service, and has received the Distinguished Friend of Education Award from the Connecticut Association of Schools. She is the author of Design and Color in Islamic Architecture (Smithsonian Press) and two earlier essay collections from Fithian Press, And the River Runs Red, and Human to Be.

Black and White and Red
by Sonia P. Seherr-Thoss

ISBN 1-56474-400-0
128 pages, paperback, $12.00
Publication Date: June 2002

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