From A to Z With Acceptance, Knowledge, and Love—Short Essays Explaining Same-Sex Relations

“The Spencers provide an understanding from an insider’s perspective. Homer Spencer, a retired Presbyterian pastor, and his wife, Sue, a writer, have dealt with questions and confusions about gay people for many years. They have distilled their personal and professional insights into a lively, simple book that provides a quick introduction to the subject.”
—from the Foreword by Mitzi Henderson, President, National PFLAG, 1992-1996

After Homer and Sue Spencer’s son came out of the closet, they felt they needed to find out more about homosexuality and same-sex relationships. Like so many, they were ignorant on the subject. They had to search high and low for information because answers to their questions were in scattered books and writings. They found publications that dealt with the scientific and technical aspects of homosexuality but few if any that dealt with the family’s need for understanding. Eventually the Spencers wrote Finding Out—The ABCs of Same-Sex Relations because they themselves had experienced the need for such a book.

Simple and straightforward, Finding Out approaches the subject of homosexuality by going through the alphabet and naming words and concepts associated with same-sex relations. Each letter gets two words and each is defined and discussed in a short, accessible essay. “Closet,” as in “in the closet,” is discussed under the letter “C” and is found next to the word “companionship.” There are words with positive connotations, such as “genius” and “union,” along with words commonly thought of as negative, such as “faggot” and “bashing.” Each word is discussed in relation to homosexuality, dispelling myths, educating, and throwing light on the subject.

Finding Out is a primer for anyone interested in learning more about same-sex relationships. This is a gentle book that encourage the understanding of homosexuality without tirades or blame. It is a book conceived in acceptance and knowledge and the desire to understand and support a loved one. From A to Z it inspires and informs.

Homer Spencer is a retired Presbyterian minister and missionary. Sue Spencer is a professional writer and a retired educator. They live in Lakeland, Florida.


Finding Out
The ABCs of Same Sex Relations
Homer and Sue Spencer
ISBN 1-56474-399-3
80 pages, paperback, $9.95

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