Bicycling the Path Toward Fun and Fitness

Dale Talbert was sixty-seven and weighed in at over 200 pounds when he discovered the pleasures and benefits of bicycling. Depressed and at risk of having a heart attack or a stroke, he’d tried numerous other activities, including running and walking with his dogs. This proved to be great for the huskies’ shape, but he never shed much weight or improved his health. One day took notice of the bicyclists of various ages that rode past him everyday. None of them were overweight, and he wondered about the connection between the slim people he saw riding and the activity itself. He found a used bike, borrowed his son’s skateboarding helmet, and began pedaling to find out for himself. Little did he know he was setting out on a wonderful journey that would include more than weight loss and good health.

Bicycling for Fun and Fitness is Dale Talbert’s entertaining and instructional book about bicycling for beginners. In this book he assures us that it takes very little to begin bicycling. All that’s needed is a bit of interest and a bike—and not even a fancy one. He tells us about his first ride and gives us tips for our own, including information about clothes and equipment and how to choose what’s best for which occasion. Talbert also writes about his daily rides—the time of day, length, and speed that they are, plus the compromises he makes to get his ride in every day. Then he writes about our daily ride and all their possibilities, including weather conditions, and riding to work or during the lunch hour. Talbert also gives us tips on bicycling safety and on courtesy concerning fellow cyclists, pedestrians, cars, and even dogs. There’s a chapter about the history of women and bicycling and another about biking as a way to improve our awareness as automobile drivers. And in a chapter called “Scoreboard” Talbert discusses in detail the many benefits and payoffs of bicycling.

Throughout Bicycling for Fun and Fitness Talbert gives delightful and insightful thoughts on bicycling out in the world and the many rewards this activity has to offer. The road he’s pedaling, plus the stories he tells, are proof of how bicycling can add even more than good health and good shape to our lives.

Dale Talbert is retired from a career as a citrus grower and a commodity broker. He is the author of Duke, a collection of stories about a Korean War veteran, based on his own experiences. He lives and writes in Vero Beach, Florida.


Bicycling for Fun and Fitness
Dale Talbert

ISBN 1-56474-385-3
80 pages, paperback, $9.95

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