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Head Over Heels

"Wow! Don't miss this stand-out-from-the-crowd cliffhanger with its slightly frazzled, commitment-phobic, in-your-face heroine, who'll tickle your funny bone as she steals your heart. I loved every fun-filled minute of Carrie's wild slide down those slippery slopes."
—Janet Evanovich, author of Hard Eight

"Cheers for Nancy Tesler. Appealingly stressed stress-management consultant Carrie Carlin shines in her latest outing, Slippery Slopes and Other Deadly Things."
—Annette Meyers, author of Murder Me Now

"I have loved all of Nancy Tesler's books and this one is the best. Her writing is witty and clever and the story is a real nail-biter. The atmosphere is so real, I could feel the swing of the chairlift, and those slippery slopes sent a murderous chill through me."
—Lee Harris, author of The Happy Birthday Murder and Murder in Hell's Kitchen

Carrie Carlin, New Jersey's favorite stress reducer, is off plying her trade in the snowcapped mountains of Vermont. Carrie hadn't wanted to attend the conference at the ski resort where she'd spent pre-divorce family holidays. But she couldn't pass up the chance to meet this year's honoree, whose breakthrough in pain management has so excited the scientific community.

However, handsome, charismatic Dr. Hubert Freundlich's wedding-banded hand ends up stroking Carrie's thigh when they're both up to their necks in a hot tub. And when his brilliant young associate drunkenly whispers hints of wrongdoing into her ear, Carrie realizes all is not kosher in Freundlich's lab. Then the associate is apparently strangled with Carrie's scarf during a torchlight parade, her roommate develops amnesia about a possible date-rape, a close colleague is attacked, and Carrie finds herself dodging bullets and a ski-masked killer with a heart as cold as Vermont black ice.

Nancy Tesler became a biofeedback practitioner after raising a family. She is the author of four previous Other Deadly Things mysteries, including Golden Eggs and Other Deadly Things. She lives and writes in New Jersey.

Slippery Slopes and Other Deadly Things
A Carrie Carlin Biofeedback Mystery
Nancy Tesler

ISBN 1-880284-58-8, paperback, $13.95
Publication Date: April 2003

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