The Unforgettable Adventures of a Bombardier
A Daughter Preserves and Presents her Father’s
Eye-Witness Account of World War II
This first-person account of World War II is a father-daughter collaboration. Like the “Unforgettable” song sung by Nat and Natalie Cole, this collaboration was put together after the father’s death, and like that song, this book is the work of two voices taking turns. Charles’s contribution is the material he left behind: reminiscences of his youth, a diary he kept during his training in the Army Air Corps, and the flight log of his active service over Europe as a bombardier.
Charles was only twenty years old when he joined the army in 1942, shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He was selected for the Army Air Corps, and eventually emerged from over a year’s training as a bombardier. The long preparation involved a lot of tedious waiting around, and this is often the tale of a lonely and bored young man itching to do more. But he did manage to enjoy life and enjoy his comrades, his letters from home, his leaves, and the training itself, preparing to become one of “the most dangerous men alive.”
According to Candace R. Wayman (Olson), who has interspersed her father’s memoir, diary, and flight log with notes and comments, “To my three-year-old grandson, World War II will seem like the Civil War seemed to me, ancient history. Also, he never had a chance to know his great-grandfather, who passed away long before he was born. This book is a legacy for him, for my daughter, and for the rest of my family.”
Indeed, this book is for all of us. Twenty-Five Missions is not a tale of glory and parades, but of a hero nonetheless. It is accounts like this that make up the real history of World War II, arguably the most important watershed event of the twentieth century.
About the Authors
Charles R. Wayman
worked and lived most of his life in DeKalb, Illinois, where he was a proprietor (with three brothers) of Wayman’s Ace Hardware. Candace Wayman Olson also grew up in DeKalb. She is a retired librarian who now lives and writes in LaPlace, Louisiana


Twenty-Five Missions
A Bombadier's Story
by Charles R. Wayman & Candace R. Wayman
ISBN 978-156474-479-1
ISBN 156474-479-5
80 pages, paperback, $14.00
Publication Date: May 2009

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