Irving Weinman's New Novel
Is As Hot as a South Florida Summer

Stealing Home, the new novel by Irving Weinman, is to some extent a timely and important political novel, since it voices outrage over the exploitation of what was once sleepy South Florida. But Stealing Home is also a literary novel, and a page-turner at that. Weinman blends entertainment with suspense, takes big chances, and keeps his plot cooking at a fast boil.

Stealing Home is very much an American novel, for several reasons. Take the passions of the three men who struggle with each other in the center of the novel. It's American popular song and jazz for Mickey Berman, the nightclub owner and the teller of most of the story; it's baseball, the American pastime, for Bill Raeburn, the former high-school star athlete who never made it in the major leagues; and it's the business of America—the oil business, in fact—for Roy Higgs, Jr., the exploiter and spoiler.

These three men are all haunted by the past and by their childhood friendship. Now they're locked in a struggle over what is to become of their home town. To complicate matters, Bill's wife and daughter are in open rebellion against Roy's business plans, and Roy's wife tempts Mickey into an unwise, steamy affair.

As rivalries and enmities grow, the scenery catches fire (literally), loved ones are killed, characters bloom into insanity, and the plot tears off to a chase through the jungles of Central America. This novel, with its important themes and lightning pace, is full of love and death, greed and honor, choice and change, desire and drama. Written by a master storyteller, it's a lyrical, literary page-turner that won't let you catch your breath.

Irving Weinman is the author of the critically acclaimed novels Tailor's Dummy, Hampton Heat, Virgils Ghost, and Easy Way Down. He lives in England and Key West, where he is is founder-director of the Key West Writers' Workshop. He is married to British poet Judith Kazantzis.

Stealing Home
A Novel

Irving Weinman
ISBN 1-880284-72-3
240 pages, paperback, $14.95

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