Travel Within and Without—
Stories That Traverse the World and the Human Heart

The stories in Yvonne West’s The Romantic Road take the reader on an exotic trip around the globe. More important, though, is the way these stories explore the human heart. We meet people from the world over and are privy to their private lives: the details of their cultures and homes; their tribulations, joys, and satisfactions. And we discover that people from all over suffer pain and savor happiness.

The Romantic Road takes us to Easter Island and primitive and brutal battle between neighboring villagers; to the psychoanalyst’s office and both patient’s and doctor’s discovery of incest; to a jilted lover’s satisfying and quiet revenge; to the mysteries of an archaeological dig; and to a woman’s discovery that she has cancer.

Yvonne West’s stories have wisdom to impart. And they’re told with mystery and intimacy, in the way an old friend lingers over the story he’s come to tell. These are romantic tales, as well as entertaining and compassionate ones, and they delve deep into universal human experiences.

Yvonne West lives and writes in Jacksonville, Florida, where she is a member of Authors of Northeast Florida. She is the author of two novels, The Dolphin Pool and Rosemary for Remembrance, and a travel memoir, Journey of Miracles.

The Romantic Road
And Other Stories
Yvonne West

ISBN 1-56474-423-X
128 pages, paperback, $10.95

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