He’s too busy living, too busy laughing, too busy writing about life.

What do you call a humorist who takes his work seriously? An oxymoron.

What do you call a writer who finds humor everywhere he looks? Ernie Witham.

Every day of Ernie’s year is a quest for the next column, and his material is all around him, in the everyday life of Ernie’s World. Every year in this writer’s world is full of predictable events: his wife’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and their anniversary; golf games, farmer’s markets, local festivals; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Not to mention waterfights with the grandchildren and far-flung vacations.

Or calling up the FBI to ask for their advice about smuggling mob money over the Mexican border. Or getting injured in a motorcycle accident—in his own driveway while the bike is standing still. Or sharing an elevator late at night with a six-foot, four-inch transvestite. Even getting a little too cozy with amorous dolphins. Yes, these everyday events are part of Ernie’s World too.

The stuff of Ernie Witham’s life is the stuff of Ernie’s humor column, a family-friendly romp through everyday life.

Another ongoing ingredient of Ernie’s life is placating his long-suffering, wonderful wife and best friend, Pat, by promising to find a “real job.” Honest. As soon as life stops being too funny not to write another column about it.

Like that’ll ever happen.

Well, Ernie won’t find a job this year; he’s too busy. But perhaps a job will find him? Read A Year in the Life of a “Working” Writer and find out!

Ernie Witham is the author of the book Ernie’s World, which is also the title of the nationally syndicated column he writes for the Montecito Journal in Montecito, California. He is also a contributing writer to many magazines and anthologies, including more than a dozen volumes of the “Chicken Soup” series. He has taught humor at writers’ workshops throughout the country. He lives, writes, and “works” in Santa Barbara, California.

A Year in the Life of a "Working Writer"
A Memoir to the Best of the Recollection of Ernie Witham
by Ernie Witham
Foreword by Catherine Ryan Hyde
ISBN 978-156474-487-6
256 pages, paperback, $14.95

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