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Bay to Breakers
A Novel
Frank Frost
ISBN 1-56474-395-0
224 pages, paperback, $14.95
Casey is a newspaper columnist recovering from alcoholism; Janey is a nurse who's being tailed by a stalker; Denzil is a musician recently out of the joint; Furby is a homeless has been; Mikey is a developmentally challenged child. What do all of these characters have in common? They're all training to run in the Bay to Breakers race. They also have their own individual stories of love and trouble and triumph, but what brings them together is a love of running and a love for the beautiful and sometimes threatening city of San Francisco.
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The Bear and the Baby
Still More Tales
Herman I. Kantor, with Eric Larson
illustrated by Jan Golden

192 pages, illustrated, clothbound, $18.95
192 pages, illustrated, paperback, $9.95
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The Bearded Lion Who Roars
Elise Dallemagne-Cookson
288 pages, paperback, $12.95
ISBN 1-56474-115-X
"…The Bearded Lion Who Roars tells, in vivid and compelling words, the story of one country, Zaire, a nation again crumbling before our eyes today. The author was there, as the wife of a Belgian landowner, when the Belgian Congo became Zaire, and the hated colonials departed in blood and tears as a new black government took over. It is a riveting story from start to finish, another instance in which reality far surpasses any fiction." —John Tebbel, writer and media historian
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Beginning in 1861
A Novel of the War Between the States
Jay Davis, Jr.
192 pages, paperback, $12.95
ISBN 1-56474-108-7
"Davis has researched the Civil War and Reconstruction extensively, using letters and newspaper accounts from the periodand organized the result into a quite readable social history." —KLIATT
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Bella Donna
A Renaissance Mystery
Barbara Cherne
ISBN 1-56474-362-4
160 pages, paperback, $10.95
On a summer morning in 1494, the wealthy Florentine Novella family is rocked by the murder of the wife of the family scion. There are enough rivalries within the family to make anyone suspect. Only Giudetta, the household cook, dares unravel the tangled web of jealousy, intrigue, and infidelity to expose the unlikely killer.
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A Novel
William Thompson
192 pages, paperback, $10.95
ISBN 1-56474-142-7
"Brick is a fable for kids who would cook and eat Mother Goose without thinking twice; a morality play in which morality itself is a fable. As its characters run from what they've become, they plunge headlong into the jaws of what they will be, and their lives become increasingly intertwined, until they're stuck to each other like ugly on an ape."
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Bright Day
A Novel
David Lehner
ISBN 1-56474-315-2
112 pages, paperback, $11.95
"I came expecting to find fame and fortune. This looked like a war zone."
This begins a journey from a failed marriage and a failed career to a new job with some old friends—serious, perhaps cynical men driven by a purpose.

What line of work is it? It's hard to tell. Maybe drugs, maybe gun-running, maybe even death.

Who profits by it? That's even harder to tell. Better to just keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. That's how you turn a dark enterprise into a bright day.
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By Lunar Light
A Novel
Joyce Frazeur

240 pages, paperback, $12.95
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