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Dark Mountain
And Other Stories
Miles Burford
ISBN 1-56474-432-9
320 pages, paperback, $14.00
A peek at airlines and pilots in the golden age of aviation.…Folks medicine in Hawaii that works.…An upper-crust young man finds a sexual soul-mate, but their bizarre tastes face social prejudice.…Young brothers learn what heroism is all about in the early days of auto racing.…A tragic life deals with its final choice.…Under hypnosis a patient recalls war-time experiences, but it’s the wrong war.…A young stewardess survives a crash to become a heroine.…The magic of Maui in a homely encounter with the law.…A veteran pilot takes his grandchildren in a small plane on a rescue mission that becomes a dangerous adventure.… Miles Burford presents a new collection of short stories, “stories that need to be told.” As usual, most of Burford’s characters are people he has known and admired in a long and adventurous lifetime. Read these stories and you will learn a lot—about flying airplanes and the people who fly them. You will learn about living in Maui, where reality and fantasy are often indistinguishable. You will learn about heroism and its opposite playing out in America’s heartland. You will learn much about love and hate, sorrow and laughter. And you
will be entertained by a master storyteller.
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Days of a Fledgling
Miles Burford
274 pages, paperback, $24.95
ISBN 1-56474-262-8
Two military commands are moved to a small town in North Carolina during World War II, and both the military and this small town change. Two pilots are thrown together--and they don't like it or each other. One is a non-military pilot there to earn his Service pilot license; the other is a pilot who has been placed in an administrative postion he's not prepared for. But the two men do find that they have a lot in common.
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The Day of the Dance
Norma Crawford Tomlinson
ISBN 1-56474-376-4
160 pages, paperback, $14.00
These ten stories show women at various stages of life, from childhood to midlife to senior maturity. They explore the crises that make people change: the first awareness of death, awakening sexuality, college romance, travel, the challenges of work, the problems of marriage and motherhood.
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Dead Down Under
A Mystery Novel
Anita Zelman
ISBN 1-56474-398-5
192 pages, paperback, $12.95
Los Angeles gossip columnist Rebecca Lewis is fascinated by the art that celebrities collect, and she convinces her editor that she should write about celebrity art collections. She begins with a piece on agent Howard Major, who collects Whistler etchings. This takes her to Australia, where Major's collection will be exhibited. A variety of people, including the collector and his wife; Rebecca's best friend; and even her ex-lover come along for the ride, but during the tour of Australia, two people are murdered. After they return to Los Angeles, Rebecca's life is still in danger until she identifies and eludes the murderer.
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Devora in Exile

by Barbara Cherne
ISBN 978-156474-848-5; 1-56474-848-1
96 pages, paperback, $12.00
These four stories are about Devora Marcus, an elderly widow in Santa Monica, California. In "The Conversion," Devora, a non-observant Jew, becomes a yoga master's disciple and undergoes a spirtual awakening, only to find out that she is, in fact, rooted in her Jewishness. "Exile" tells of a night Devora spends in her backyard contemplating mortality, time, and space. "A Holocaust in My Breakfast Room" is a chilling tale of elder abuse, with an imposter invading Devora's home and taking advantage of her generosity. "The Countess" recalls Devora's childhood; in it she tells her granddaughter about her childhood in Russia and illuminates a moment of courage and compassion during that tumultuous time.
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Drake's Bay
A Novel
Anthony R. Mills
96 pages, paperback, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-158-1

Set on the rocky Northern California coast, this novella--part sea yarn, part ghost tale—is a mystery that spans four hundred years as a motley crew of sailors discover what may be the legendary treasure of Sir Francis Drake.
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Dale Talbert
ISBN 1-56474-369-1
104 pages, paperback, $10.95
These stories tell the memories of Duke Barney, a Korean War veteran who is still bitter over the way President Truman conducted the war. Because Truman failed to fight the war to win, Duke lost close friends, he lost an ear, and he lost his faith in American leadership. These stories also concern Duke's later life, especially his courtship of his wife, Sabina; but the theme of the lost war keeps returning to haunt Duke, and to haunt these tales of anger and love.
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