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The Lady of the House
A Novel
Katherine Elberfeld

Faced with the sudden death of her husband Pearce, fifty-two-year-old Annie confronts her childhood and early adulthood through a series of memories of her youth in Georgia. Her brother Cat, her parents, her grandmother, her love Danny Haygood, and her daughter Maggie all play significant roles in Annie’s life. Annie also faces the death of her mother and her grandmother, but nothing has prepared her for the loss of her husband. Trying to cope with Pearce’s death, Annie distances Cat and his wife Lily, but memories help her to reconnect with her brother. Searching her past, she grapples with her young feelings for Danny and the mystery of why she left him behind. At the end of the novel, Annie faces her aloneness and begins to nurture herself as the lady of the house, a role she has never quite known.
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Legacy of a Hunter
A Novel
Emery Barrus

256 pages, paperback, $10.95
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Legal Eagle
A Novel about Lawyers, Eggs, and Dangerous Women
Mick Thomas
192 pages, paperback, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-038-2
"A fine and funny first novel. Membership in the legal profession is not a prerequisite to enjoy this serio-comic portrait of a lawyer spinning out of control. An impressive debut, with a refreshingly original narrative voice." —Small Press
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A Novel
by Ann Funk
ISBN 978-1-56474-533-0
288 pages, paperback, $16.95

Sarah Austen, a young English dissenting Mormon, against all odds, succeeds in her goal to become a medical doctor in the wilds of nineteenth-century northern Nevada. This is the story of her harrowing journey with her parents by handcart from Iowa to Great Salt Lake. The family is broken apart when Sarah’s father chooses to take another wife. Sarah and her mother cross the desert to Genoa, Nevada’s first settlement. There, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, Sarah and her mother forge new lives. Other new arrivals to the area are Walther Rottenburg, an immigrant rancher from Saxony, and Giovanni Corveddu, an immigrant from Sardinia who works for a mining consortium. The ranchers and the miners have a running battle over water rights, and it is water, that substance so precious to desert life, that gives this novel its title.
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Lixia of Gold Mountain
A California Story
Clara Stites
ISBN 1-56474-421-3
80 pages, paperback, $8.95
Disguised for her own safety as a boy, young Lixia travels with her mother from China to California, where her father and his brothers wait for her in Gold Mountain. There, she begins a new and sometimes confusing life in a told mining town near Stockton. Her spirit, courage, and love for her family help her to make friends and feel secure in her new life in California.
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Loose Diamonds
A Novel
Theodora Overton
ISBN 1-56474-355-1
264 pages, paperback, $14.95
Alice wanted to leave her girlhood behind, to escape her dull, overprotected life in West Los Angeles. So when handsome Tom Rhodes offered her excitement in the form of fast cars, faster friends, and a nonstop party scene in a villa on a mountaintop overlooking the spellbinding Big Sur Coast, how could she resist? Before she knew it Alice was caught up in a world of intrigue and danger, romance and suspense....
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Lost in Paradise
Seven Stories
Constance Han Stewart
144 pages, paperback, $11.00
ISBN 1-56474-203-2
In these stories set in Hawaii, we see the tropical beauty we expect; but we also see the other side of the islands, where people live and work, love and hate, celebrate and suffer.
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