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The Pagan Blessing
A Novel
Phyllis Gebauer

ISBN 1-56474-458-2
248 pages, paperback, $14.95

“All the good things are here…love, laughter, romance, erotic spells ad lots of action. Not to be missed.”—Robert Kirsch, Los Angeles Times

“A Delightful touching, and entertaining journey.” —Thomas Pynchon

“A fast-paced and funny novel one that should enchant and delight every reader..”—King Features Syndicate
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Portrait of a Chair
A Novel
by Marie Krohn
ISBN 978-1-56474-505-7
192 pages, paperback, $14.95
Harriet, a middle-aged, warm-hearted widow, owns an antique store on Main Street in Elm Grove, Nebraska. Into her life walks a young recently-divorced painter named Rachel. Harriet displays Rachel’s work in the shop and also rents her the apartment above the store. But when a treasured vase disappears from the store, Harriet has reason to suspect her new friend. The friendship survives, however, and the true shoplifter is discovered to be Mabel, the bossy town gossip. Meanwhile, both Harriet and Rachel find romance in the form of suitable men. This is a story about small-town gossip and small-town charity; about love of antiques and love of people; and about what it means to be an independent and strong-minded woman.
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Poquito Amigo
A Novel
George R. Prentice
192 pages, paperback, $10.95
ISBN 1-56474-221-0
A post-Cold War political intrigue and international love affair set against the backdrop of Cuba, just after the fall of the Soviet Union. Ray Randall, an American official, has the good or bad fortune to win the love of a woman whose family is embroiled in a plot to assasinate Fidel.
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Princess June
A Novel
Veronica Lee
ISBN 1-56474-346-2
288 pages, paperback, $14.95
"My father was a pimp. A gangster. I think he pretty much did it all. Money laundering, extortion, burglary, smuggling, God knows what else. But I didn't know too much about his business side. He didn't involve me in that, because I was a girl."

Junee was born after the Japanese occupation and before the Korean War, into a culture built on Confucian patriarchy and now dominated by American military and cultural forces. She had to learn the ropes on her own, and learn to distinguish between people who would lend a hand and those who would exploit her unfortunate circumstances.

Princess June is an introspective and compassionate, yet unflinching portrayal of a resilient soul in the making and of two disparate races trying to understand one another as human beings.
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Prodigal Souls
A Novel
Harriet Robbins Ackert
240 pages, paperback, $14.95
ISBN 1-56474-248-2
Eva Tierney is beautiful and young, strong and passionate. She loves horses and she loves the power that sex affords her. She also loves her husband, the California landowner J.T. Tierney, whose lust for sex and power are as strong as hers. But a part of Eva will never be settled until she can own the body and soul of a young man named Sean, the love who has obsessed her since childhood. Sean Tierney, a Catholic priest whose own destructive obsession with Eva stubbornly refuses to die—Sean Tierney, her husband's son.
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