by Kay Mullen
ISBN 978-1-56474-613-9
112 pages, paperback, $15.00
Publication date: March 2019

Homecoming explores the meaning of home from the eyes of a child and youth, then as an adult and beyond. The poems resonate with human experience and the realities of nature at home as well as outside the confines of one’s own country. The book addresses the need for acceptance and love in order to thrive and become fully at home in the world within.

Dune Tracks
by Francis Fike
ISBN 978-1-56474-617-7
96 pages, paperback, $14.95
Publication date: October 2019

Francis Fike’s new collection, Dune Tracks, has a Michigan flavor, with poems that feature and celebrate the landscape and especially the birds of the Michigan shoreline, and a lovely painting of a lakeshore by Michigan artist Debra Reid Jenkins. Other poems are inspired by places far from home. Included are translations from Spanish and French. The collection also feature some of Fike’s hymns and one song.

The poems in this book are in traditional form, not free verse: they use meter, rhyme, and stanza form. Fike was trained in the art and joy of  formal verse by poet Yvor Winters at Stanford University when the young poet had a Wallace Stegner Fellowship there. Francis Fike closes his book with a memoir of his time studying and writing with Winters.

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