White Leather and Flawed Pearls
A Novel

Susan Altstatt
ISBN 978-1-56474-603-0
224 pages, paperback, $15.95
Publication date: November 6, 2017

Three years ago, in 1983, Miranda Falconer (Andy) kidnapped Tommi Rhymer, the rock star she adored, and kept him prisoner in her family’s cabin in the Sierra, until he calmed down, sobered up, and became a friend deserving of Andy’s love. Then he and his partner in their rock duo, Belshangles, and also his partner in a personal way, returned to England, to resume their extravagant life together. Over the past three years, Tommi and Andy have stayed in touch through the mail, and now that Belshangles is back in the States, stopping over in San Francisco, the two friends get together. They find a strong attachment remains between them, and before long they’re off to Reno to get married. Tom (as he now prefers to be called in private) promises his new bride that they’ll have a proper wedding when the time is right. Left behind in California, Harlan becomes Andy’s friend. He helps her hunt for the perfect wedding dress. To her wonder and distress, Andy finds herself falling in love with Harlan, and he returns her affection, which puts her in a state of mind and heart for which her Catholic girlhood has not prepared her….

Escape Through the Andes
A Novel

Thomas M. Daniel
ISBN 978-1-56474-602-3
160 pages, paperback, $14.95

Publication date: October 6, 2017

Pursued by Bolivian security agents, Gonzalo Mamani, a Bolivian physician and spy for the CIA, and Paul Morgan, his North American mentor, colleague, and friend, must elude pursuers to reach safety in the Peruvian coastal town of Salaverry within ten days. Leaving La Paz, Bolivia, they race around Lake Titicaca and across the intermountain Andean plateau to Huatahata, Copacabana, Tiawanacu, Puno, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, and points in between. In their flight, they repeatedly, narrowly escape capture. A high-stakes journey for armchair travelers addicted to danger.
Publication date: November 2017


Grab Your Miracle
The Magic of a Mother’s Love

Randi Rabin
ISBN 978-1-56474-596-5
96 pages, paperback, $14.00
Publicaion date: November 2017


Randi had it all: a wealthy husband, cars, a series of beautiful homes in Beverly Hills, jewelry, dazzling clothes, shoes to die for; a few thoroughbred racehorses of her own, and another horse just to ride. So why wasn’t Randi satisfied? What was missing?

She was haunted in her dreams by a little boy, who was sometimes an infant, and sometimes a toddler, and always a cheerful angel. A psychic told her that she was destined to become a mother. The universe told her it was time to choose: wealth or motherhood.

Randi took the challenge: she left her husband and moved to Santa Barbara, where she eventually remarried and became a mother at the age of 45. This book is a story of a dream fulfilled. It is also an account of one woman’s search for the meaning of love.

Grab Your Miracle tells the inspiring story of Randi’s quest to know the meaning of love, which is also the meaning of life. She tells her tale with honesty and humor, a tale of celebration and regret. It has been an often bumpy road, fraught with disappointment, tears, and a few wrong turns, but the journey has been, and it continues to be, a profound blessing and a miraculous adventure.

Randi Rabin was one of four children of a country-western bandleader always on the move. As an independent young adult she had a glamorous career as a stunt woman, a swimsuit and sportswear model, an airline flight attendant, a commercial actress and was the wife of a wealthy businessman in Beverly Hills. In 1997 she moved to Santa Barbara, and in 1999 she remarried. Randi currently lives with her husband and son in Santa Barbara, California, where she is in private practice as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist