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Letter From Los Angeles
Charles Gullans
80 pages, 5 1/2"X8 1/2", paper, $8.95
ISBN 0-936784-79-2

"Style is the absence of mannerism, and no poems are less mannered than Dr. Gullans'. Since style does not date, they are in the broadest sense contemporary, and will always be. Each has an identifiable, significant, and timeless subject. Style is never about nothing." —Turner Cassity

Janet Lewis
Opera Libretti
"I cannot think of another writer whose stature so far exceeds her public recognition." -—Evan S. Connell

The Swans
Based on a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm
Janet Lewis
ISBN 0-936784-07-5, 96 pages, paper, $10.00

Sold out/out of print

The Legend
Based on the novel The Invasion
Janet Lewis
ISBN 0-936784-26-1, 80 pages, paper, $8.95

Sold out/out of print

The Wife
Based on the novel The Wife of Martin Guerre
Janet Lewis
ISBN 0-936784-63-6, 72 pages, paper, $8.95

Sold out/out of print

Lightning in July
A novel
Ann L. McLaughlin
180 pages, 5 1/2"X8 1/2", paperback, 9.95
ISBN 0-936784-72-5

"Lightning in July is a wonderfully human and illuminating novel set during the last epidemic of polio before the Salk vaccine became available. The strength of this remarkable novel is in the unsentimental truth of McLaughlin's handling of how Hally and Dan each learn to cope with impossible demands. What the end up discovering is that they do not have to give each other up. Rooted in harsh reality, their love come to flower. This reader found the novel moving and full of usable truth." —May Sarton

The Lug of Days to Come
New and Selected Poems
and Translations
Daniel Haberman
136 pages, 6" x 9" clothbound, illustrated, $20.00
ISBN 1-880284-13-8

"Daniel Haberman's poems issue from a deep subjectivity which cannot utter itself in any standard idiom; they are full of strange locutions and of words curiously employed. In his best work the result can be a dark simplicity, a mysterious lyricism reminiscent of Blake."—Richard Wilbur
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Making Faces
Memoirs of a Caricaturist
Aline Fruhauf
ISBN 0-936784-85-7, 256 pages, paper, $10.95

Illustrated with the author's brilliant caricatures of some of the most important musical and political figures of the '20s and '30s.

"For readers interested in the social and cultural world of her time, as well as art students, this is a valuable chronicle of the golden age of caricature."
Christian Science Monitor
Sold out/out of print

Maiden Voyage
A Novel
Ann L. McLaughlin

352 pages, paperback, $14.95
ISBN 1-880284-38-3
Julia, a young woman in the 1920s, signs on as a personal assistant to retired media mogul Samuel Dawson when he takes his yacht, the Sophia, around the world to satisfy his passion for oceanography.
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Mind and Blood
Collected Poems
John Finlay, Edited by David Middleton
128 pages, 5 1/2"X8 1/2", cloth, $15.00
ISBN 0-936784-99-7

"Finlay's work is so well written, so firmly made of a literary English that eludes epoch and fashion, that we can predict a future for it, inclusion in anthologies, sympathetic studies, a deserved place in American letters."
—Guy Davenport, Louisiana Literature

Sold out/out of print

Mr. Raja's Neighborhood
Letters from Nepal
Jeff Greenwald
ISBN 0-936784--22-9, 120 pages, paper, $9.95

The first book by the acclaimed author of Shopping for Buddhas.

"An extraordinarily candid and compelling account of thirteen months in Asia." —San Francisco Examiner

The Muse of Menus
Stories from Life and Cooking
Constance Crawford
160 pages, 6"X9", paper, $9.95
ISBN 0-936784-64-4

"Constance Crawford writes most winningly about food; and in describing her own experiences in the kitchen and at table she gives us a very special history of our times." —Mary Jane Moffat
Sold out/out of print

My Well-Balanced Life on a Wooden Leg
Al Capp
Foreword by John Updike
128 pages, 5 1/2"X" 1/2", cloth, $15.95
Al Capp
Foreword by John Updike
0-936784-93-8, cloth, $15.95

"The creator of the comic strip 'Li'l Abner' knew not only how to draw a memorable line, but how to write one, as these essays testify. Capp's writing is vividly, even hyperbolically, alive. He had a faultless ear, a wicked eye for hypocrisy and self-aggrandizement, a great comic's mastery of repetition, and a poker player's way with a joke, so that just when you think he's about to fold he comes up with a full house."
The New Yorker
Sold out/out of print

A Night at the Y
A Collection of Short Stories
Robert Garner McBrearty

144 pages, paperback, $12.00
ISBN 1-880284-36-7
These twelve stories, which were previously published in literary magazines, are mostly set in the West and Southwest and are wild, funny, touching, and full of crackling dialogue and major-league issues like the difficulty of holding onto jobs, love, life, and sanity. They're about people in the moment of change.
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One Hundred Percent Half Right
The Tricky Business of Saving--and Savoring--the World
Anthony Friess Perrino
0-936784-84-9, paper, $9.95

"Essays on social activismof interest to any citizen concerned with such thorny issues as women's rights, U.S. foreign policy, racial equality, gun control, abortion, civil disobedience, as well as to anyone interested in becoming a happier, more aware human being."—Bookpaper

Sold out/out of print

Out of a Forest Clearing
An Environmental Fable
Randall Beth Platt
220 pages, 5 1/2"X8 1/2", paperback, $9.95
ISBN 0-936784-89-X

"Platt has a sympathetic, almost empathetic, feel for the lives and characters of other species. She also has a keen vision of the inter-relatedness of all life, no matter what its form." —Kliatt

Sold out/out of print

The Palmer Method
E.S. Goldman
320 pages 6" x 9" clothbound $22.95
ISBN 1-880284-16-2
320 pages 6" x 9" paperback $14.95
ISBN 1-880284-09-X
Fiction/ Short Stories

"His writing is wise, and tender, acute in its assault upon social snobbery and other pretensions, shrewd in its even-handed understanding of the business world, absorbing in its insistence upon moral weight and the consequences of greed and heartlessness. This collection of his stories is as striking a testament to the possibilities of the form as will likely be published in America for many a year." —from the foreword by C. Michael Curtis, Senior Editor, The Atlantic Monthly
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Pico Street Stories
Kingsley Tufts
206 pages, 6" x 9", paperback, $12.00
ISBN 1-56474-238-5
Set in the Mexican-American community of Los Angeles before World War II, these stories, many of which first appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, feature a boy named Pedro and his extended family. Highly entertaining tales, they celebrate simplicity, tenderness, humor, inventiveness in the face of adversity, and dignity in the midst of poverty.
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The Privacy of Wind
Perie Longo
80 pages, 6" x 9", paperback, $10.00
ISBN 1-880284-23-5
"Everything that seems to me the essence of really good poetry is here in Perie Longo's work: precision, economy, lyrical beauty, wit, deep feelings and the gift of conveying those feelings to the reader with heartbreaking power." —Charles Champlin
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Sold out/out of print

Red Tiles, Blue Skies
More Tales of Santa Barbara,
from Adobe Days to Present Days
Steven Gilbar, Editor
192 pages, 6" x 9" paperback, $12.95
ISBN 1-880284-17-0

These fictions, essays, and poems tell the exciting story of the "California Riviera," from its native Chumash times to the present. Authors include Fr. Pedro Font of the Anza Expedition, Kate Douglas Wiggin, Thomas M. Storke, on up to contemporary writers Gretel Ehrlich, Thomas Sanchez, and Max Schott.
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Sold out/out of print

Shared Sightings
An Anthology of Bird Poems
Sheila Golburgh Johnson, editor, illustrated by Katy Peake
144 pages, 6" x 9" paperback, $12.00
ISBN 1-880284-12-X

Marge Piercy, Gary Snyder, Karl Shapiro, Maxine Kumin, and dozens of other contemporary poets explore the horizon between humans and the rest of nature, focusing with keen eyes and ears on birds—those glorious, noble, comical, beautiful beings who fly with senses we have lost and live by voices we hear only in brief melody.
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Suspended Sentences
Albert J. Guerard
128 pages, paperback, $12.00
ISBN 1-880284-30-8
In this collection of stories written and published over Albert J. Guerard's distinguished seven-decade career, the novelist and critic explores love and death, travel and quest, truth and honor.

Simonides in Vietnam
And Other Epigrams
R. L. Barth

ISBN 0-936784-91-1, 32 pages, pamphlet, $5.00
Why not adjust? forget this? let it be? / Because it's truth. Because it's history.

Sold out/out of print

A Soldier's Time
Vietnam War Poems
R. L. Barth
ISBN 0-936784-35-0, paper, $8.95

"A moving picture of virtue as revealed in the crucible of the Vietnam War."
The Christian Science Monitor

Strong Drink, Strong Language
John Espey
160 pages, 6'X9", cloth, $17.95
ISBN 0-936784-80-5

"A charming memoir of the author's Chinese childhood. Well educated in the best sense of the phrase, Espey seems to be writing from a more graceful past."—Booklist

Sunset at Rosalie
A Novel
Ann L. McLaughlin
272 pages, 51/2" x 81/2" paperback, $11.95
ISBN 1-880284-15-4

"Sunset at Rosalie shimmers with the bittersweet magic of a young girl's coming of age amidst the disintegration of her family's traditional world and the economic collapse of her father's cotton plantation in Mississippi during the years before World War I. This enchanting novel of a Mississippi girlhood evokes the emergence of the New South precariously balanced between past and future. This is a novel that will linger in readers' minds like a cherished memory."
—Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, author of Within the Plantation Household
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Sold out/out of print

Tales of Santa Barbara
From Native Storytellers to Sue Grafton
Edited by Steven Gilbar and Dean Stewart
176 pages, 6"X9", paperback, $10.95
ISBN 0-880284-08-1

A collection of stories, essays and poems celebrating the richness and diversity of Santa Barbara. Includes pieces by Richard Henry Dana, Ross Macdonald, Pico Iyer, Sue Grafton and others.
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Talking to the World
And Other Stories
Dennis Lynds
ISBN 1-880284-10-3, 176 pages, cloth, $18.95

"…Dennis Lynds crafts compasionate tales of the human condition in today's complex world. The novella in this powerful collection is one of his best."—Tony Hillerman
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These Fringes of Times
Thelma Shaw
ISBN 0-936784-78-4, paper, $7.50

"She states her poetic case with a perception and a gentleness that are rare; and what I like even more is her way of seeing the large in the little, and celebrating it."
—Peg Bracken
Sold out/out of print

Tiger Bridge
Nine Days on a Bend of the Nauranala
Barbara Curtis Horton
80 pages, 5-1/2"X8-1/2", paperback, $9.00
ISBN 1-880284-01-4

"She brings the beauty, movement, sound, and silence alive, making clear her appreciation of what is here on earth without help of man." —Small Press
Sold out/out of print

Time's Fool
A Story in Sonnets Based on Those of Shakespeare
Judson Jerome
128 pages, 6"X9", paper, $10.00
ISBN 0-936784-98-9

"The sonnets are sharp, crackling with wit and (sometimes) ribaldry, learned punning: all the things Jud was. Those who appreciate sonnets, craftsmanship, wit, parody, or the much-lamented Judson Jerome will find this a book to treasure." —Ohioana Quarterly

The Times of Our Lives
A Guide to Writing Autobiography and Memoir
Mary Jane Moffat
ISBN 0-936784-75-X, 64 pages, paper, $7.95

"The book is full of wisdom on the craft of writing and on the pleasures of memory and reflection."—Senior Times

Two Schools of Thought
Some Tales of Learning and Romance
Carolyn See and John Espey
128 pages, 5 1/2"X8 1/2", paper, $8.95
ISBN 0-936784-88-1

"I doff my mortarboard to both of them, for two smashingly good stories that come together in a most rewarding finale." —Minneapolis Star Tribune

Virgil Hunter
A Novel
James M. Bellarosa
176 pages, 5-1/2"X8-1/2", paperback, $9.95
ISBN 1-880284-00-6

"A barnyard romp with a distinctly Twainian twang--in a first novel that revels in the wonders and pitfalls that await a young lad on his perilous journey toward adulthood." —Kirkus Reviews

Ways Out
Reconciling Changes for Peace
Gene Knudsen-Hoffman, editor
ISBN 0-936784-51-2, paper, $9.95

"Watch out: this friendly, unassuming book can sneak up on you. Twenty-five years from now you may still be going back to it as we still go back to the Libertarian Anthology, shaking our heads and wondering how we could have known so much so soon." —Mark Satin, New Options

"Consistently thought provoking, these proposals, modest and grand alike, are sorted into sections according to the sphere of action--personal, regional, or global--in which they're meant to be applied. Unusual, inspiring current events literature."
Booklist, American Library Association

Winter Return
A Novel
John Espey
176 pages, 5-1/2"X8-1/2", paperback,$10.00
ISBN 1-880284-03-0

"Espey's concern for the bedrock value of familial love, his detailed honesty combined with generosity toward all his characters, and his vivid sense of how the past lives always in the present make his pages glow with human truth. Winter Return is a casual miracle." —USA Today

A Year In Baghdad
Albert V. Baez and Joan Baez, Sr.
Illustrated by Joan Baez
ISBN 0-936784-38-5, 206 pages, paper $9.95

Alternating accounts by husband and wife show the effects on family life of living on very foreign soil.

"Middle-class American folkways bumping into Middle-Eastern folkways. In the end they were both learning, surviving, giving and taking, and changing. Fascinating and moving family reminiscences." —Pete Seeger
Sold out/out of print

The Year of the Buck
and Other Stories
Susan R. Harper
112 pages, 5 1/2"X8 1/2", paperback, $9.95
ISBN 0-936784-96-2
Fiction/Short Stories

"These stories illuminate the shoot-for-the stars dreams and bare-bones realities of being female in this world. What Harper has to say