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Santa Barbara, California


John Daniel has asked me to introduce myself. I’m Guy Mallon, a book collector (Post-World War II Poets of the American West), a bookseller, and a small-press publisher. I live in the most beautiful city in the world, and most of my happiness I owe to Carol Murphy, my business partner and my partner in life. There. How’s that?

I just showed that to John Daniel and he shook his head. “Doesn’t work,” he said. “There’s no conflict. Who’s going to buy that?”

Okay, how’s this: in the line of duty as a publisher, I have been threatened and chased by thugs in Las Vegas, marched through a tropical jungle at gunpoint by a cocaine smuggler, had several full cartons of books dropped on my body by a religious fanatic, and had my warehouse burned down by an arsonist. I’ve slept with a porn star (don’t tell Carol), and I’ve had loud arguments with the police, who seem to resent my solving murders and other crimes that they don’t want to bother with.

John wants me to be honest and said I may have slept with that porn star, but it was just a matter of sleeping. He’s right.

You might think being a collector, seller, and publisher of poetry books would be a gentle, non-threatening life. Think again. The literary world is full of people, some of them loving and quietly entertaining, some of them scoundrels and cads, motivated by greed, jealousy, rage, and revenge. Those seem to be the ones that show up on my doorstep. Cutting them down to size is my hobby.

Size. Right. One other thing I wouldn’t have to tell you if we were meeting face to face: I’m shorter than you. How do I know? Believe me, I know. People keep reminding me of that. Actually I don’t mind being the shortest man in any room (and usually the shortest person); but rude remarks about size give me a large pain. Rude people are the kind that murder people.

But that’s not you. You’re somebody I’d like to meet. Come visit me at my office and we’ll have a chat over a bottle of wine. You’ll find me in the pages of John M. Daniel’s books.

Looking forward,


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